Schedule of Events


2018 Schedule Coming Soon!…


11 AM Police Pipe & Drum Corps of Florida
11:15 AM West of Galway
12:15 PM Marcille Wallis & Friends
1:00 PM Opening Ceremonies and Parade
Police Pipe & Drum Corps of Florida
1:15 PM Albannach
2:15 PM Screaming Orphans
3:15 PM West of Galway
4:15 PM Marcille Wallis & Friends
5:15 PM Albannach
6:00 PM Athletic Awards Presentation Ceremony
6:15 PM Screaming Orphans
7:00 PM Compline

Saturday’s Athletic Field Schedule

10:15 AM Braemar and Open Stone
10:50 AM Heavy and Light Weights for Distance
11:40 AM Sheepdog Herding Demonstration
12:15 PM Heavy and Light HAM
2:00 PM Caber Toss
2:45 PM Sheepdog Herding Demonstration
3:45 PM Sheaf Toss
4:20 PM Heavy Weight Over Bar
6:00 PM Awards Presentation Ceremony (on Main Stage)

Ongoing throughout the day on Saturday:

Highland Athletic Competition
Sheep Dog Herding Demonstration
Police Pipe & Drum Corps of Florida


9:30 AM Celtic Contemporary Worship
11:00 AM Albannach
12:00 PM Screaming Orphans
1:00 PM West of Galway
2:00 PM Marcille Wallis & Friends
3:00 PM Albannach
4:00 PM Screaming Orphans

Ongoing throughout the day on Sunday:

Sheep Dog Herding Demonstration